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National Juried Art Competition

Congratulations Award Winners and Finalists!

ViewPoint49 Gallery

Achberger, Monica Anne Rooftops
Achberger, Nancy A Pot of Pink
Alfery,Christine Birds On The Fence
Alleman, Carol Love Blooms
Baris, Joseph Early Light
Barnett, Richard Night Fair
Bodine,George The Shunned
Buck, Ken Jubilant
Burt, Brian The Force In Three Colors
Campbell, Connie Series II #2
Chovanec, Candice Miki
Curran,Andy Near the Hollow
Daly, Mark Distant Sails
Darr, Martin Mill Creek 28
Davis, Lorri Red Handed
De Jesus, Alvaro Universe of Babel II
DeVan, Susan View of Zion II
DiNapoli, Renee The Mastery of Flowers
Dowlin, Mary Beth Day at the Museum
Erbaugh, Phillip Store Alley
Fagedes, Dee Sundance III
Farr, Jim Split Rock Falls
Flor, Beth Mandarin Openiong
Florence, Rynn Nature's Fury
Fuller, Lu Autumn Tapestry
Gardenhire, Beth Love in Beauty
Gearhart, Josie Pathway Home
Goldstein-Warren, Laurie Horse and Dragons
Gordy, Brian Sky Basking
Green,Jamie Untitled
Grosser, Marguerite The Cobbler
Hanssen, Heidi After the Rain
Hassard, Ray Watching the Boys Swim 2
Hater, M. Angela Green Peace
Hibbard, Carolyn Savannah Blues
Holland,Carolyn Seeing Red
Holt, Mary Louise Carolina Wren & Snow Trillium
Holznecht, Stephanie Sweet Dreams
Horn, Gilda Courtyard San Juan Capistrano
Johnson, Ron Hide and Seek
Kaminsky, Mariah Hair Study
Kientz, Helmut Shadow Study
Koehler, Rick Papa Barn
Landen,Barbara Shoreline Pompano Beach Florida
Larkin, Alan Story
Laux, Aaron Prometheus' Gift
LaValley, Karen Hoovert Cosmos #2
LeCroix, Setsuko Sushi Chef
Luschek, Richard Working Lunch
MacConnell, Carol Beautiful Day
Mallory, Wes Vacilando
Mannato, Lawrence Shadow of Turning
Manning, Alleen By Bita Bay
McConkey, Eileen Bushy
Meehan, Angie Lunch at Bubby's
Morrow, Jeff The Designer
Mueller, David Contemplation
Mulnix, Gary Corn Field
Pauley, Lynda Clara 1790
Pendery, James Sunset On The River
Post, Tom Awaiting the Bride
Rademaker, Sean White Swan
Romelli, Patrick Lake Como Evening
Rothel, Joan School of Fish
Roy, Amy Nesting Nanday Parakeets
Rudolech, Lawrence Morning Walk
Schrimpf, Margaret Eden Spring
Schuler, Linda Chingona Nona
Schuster, Donald A Higher Calling
Stewart, Joe Safe Harbor - Lanes Cove
Stine, Daniel Blue Wash Mesa
Surges, Kyle Remembering Iwo Jima
Takacs, Judy Sister Deborah, The Teacher
Tarvin, Tom Portrait of Dan R
Vollman, Paul Nantucket Sunrise
Walden, Christopher Red Deer
Walker, Michelle Married to Henry 60 Years
Walkup, Roger Birch Sketch #9
Wallace, Mary Helen Stargazer
Weidner, Patsy My Red Shoes
Willy, April Miracle Grow
Yu, Weng Galaxy

This year we were honored to have a panel of three very distinguished artists to select and judge this year's exhibit.
All past Presidents of the Cincinnati Art Club.

Kay Worz
Kay served as President of the Cincinnati Art Club from 2008 - 2010. She is also a member of the Ohio Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society. She serves on the board of the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Duveneck Association. Kay is a well established, nationally recognized Cincinnati artist. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Xavier University and completed post-grad work in Europe both in drawing and painting. Kay initially worked in cloisonne enamel and was in the Ohio Designer Craftsman marketing program. Her work was chosen to create special artistic gifts for the Governor to present to foreign dignitaries around the world.

Dave Klocke
Dave’s interest in art began as a young boy starting art classes under Aileen McCarthy, a student of Duveneck, at age 10. He continued training at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Northern Kentucky University, and Thomas More College. He joined the Cincinnati Art Club in 1985. He served in various Club leadership roles including President through the 1990s and early 2000s. He was granted Honorary Signature membership in 2013. He currently acts as Club Historian and continues to paint regularly. Dave’s work is represented at Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor, ME and Greenwich House Gallery in Cincinnati, OH.

Roger Heuck
Roger is a past President of the Cincinnati Art Club and presently Curator. He is also a past President of the Queen City Artists, a member of the Cincinnati MacDowell Society, and a past “Artist” member of the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society, Indiana Plein Air Painters, Charter and Signature member American Impressionist Society and a Signature and Honorary member of the Cincinnati Art Club. As a member of the Arts Council of Les Cheneaux in Cedarville, MI, he teaches an annual workshop on plein air painting and was featured artist of the week twice for the Les Cheneaux Historical Society. He has judged shows for many years in the tristate area.