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History - 1899 Newspaper Article


The Artists are coming Home at the End of Summer

Art Club members are coming in from seaside and plain laden with fruits of their summer toil and browned to the true bohemian consistency. Artist Jo Scheurle has pictured above a few well-known faces. They are all familiar friends, President JOHN WARD DUNSMORE towering above his brother limners, bearing the air of a true leader.

Saturday night was the first of a series of entertainment nights of which much is expected the coming season. There was a splendid display of pictures, pencil, crayon and charcoal drawings, oils, water colors and pastels, showing a wide range of talents, and intervals of looking were regaled with music by Messrs. Andre and Hahn — two prime favorites with their brother artists of the brush and pencil.

Prof. Andre played the piano and Hahn the violin, and, incidentally, some of the jolly brushmen whose artistic capacities are not measured entirely by their ability to paint well, sang and even danced. Entertainment nights at the Art Club are going to be made distinctive features the coming winter. A number of associate members were present last night.

The list of associates is growing rapidly.

— Cartoonist Joseph Scheurle. The artists are coming home at the end of summer. Newspaper article. September, 1899. Print.