Cincinnati Art Club & Wessel Gallery, 1021 Parkside Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202 513‑241‑4591

Exhibition Guidlines

The public is always welcome to visit the Cincinnati Art Club during the exhibition season from September through May. The Gallery is normally open weekends from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. However, check the Calendar Of Events web page or call the Art Club at 513‑241‑4591 for information on current exhibitions and gallery hours.

Eligibility for Exhibition

Exhibiting members are expected to “gallery sit” shows during the year or provide other services to the Exhibition Committee. We invite you to get involved and contact the Exhibitions Chairperson to help hang shows or facilitate the staff and receptions on exhibit day.

General Requirements

All exhibitors are expected to be CAC members in good standing. You must be of the appropriate membership level to qualify for the show being held. All works submitted should have been completed in the last two years and preferably not previously exhibited in a CAC show. Work shown in Signature, Associate, Sketch Group and Critique Shows are eligible for submission to ViewPoint. Due to space limitations, the Exhibition Committee reserves the right to exclude or limit paintings of any exhibitor submitting more than one oversized piece in shows that allow multiple submissions.

Signature Member Exhibitions

One recent piece per Signature Member, per show. Three shows annually – Fall (September), Winter (January) and Spring (May).

Associate Member Exhibitions

Two recent pieces per Associate Member per show. Two shows annually – usually in November and February.

Sketch Group Exhibitions

Three recent pieces per CAC Sketch Group attendee per show. All submissions must be work based on the model and started in a Sketch Group session. One show annually – usually in March.

Critique Group Exhibitions

Three recent pieces per CAC Critique Group attendee per show. All submissions must have been reviewed in a Critique Group session. One show annually – usually in June.

All work is expected to remain until the end of the show.

Works that are sold may be picked up by the purchaser at the show closing or arrangements can be made for delivery.


All paintings must be professionally framed using screw eyes or mirror hangers and wire. No “sawtooth” hangers or rivets attached to cardboard backing will be accepted. Edges of “wrap” canvases must be painted in continuation of the painting's front surface or a solid color. No “wet paint” will be accepted.

Exhibition Entry Form

Each submission must have the two-part CAC Exhibition Entry Form firmly attached to the top back of the work, taped at the top of the form with ONE PIECE of tape only. Please be sure to fill out both sections of the form and that your information is legible. The Committee will remove the bottom section for use in preparing the gallery tags and list. Include the PRICE or “NFS” (Not For Sale), we do not list POR (Price On Request). These forms are available in the CAC hall stationery cabinet.

Deadline for Drop Off

Paintings must be dropped off at the Art Club during the two Sketch Group periods. They are the Thursday (7:00-9:30 pm) and Monday (1:00-4:00 pm), 8 days and 4 days prior to the Opening of the Show. The Sketch Group Facilitator will be at the Club during those periods to receive paintings and answer questions. Any paintings dropped off after the deadline will not be eligible for inclusion in the exhibit.

Deadline for Pick Up

Paintings MUST be picked up on the Monday or Thursday Sketch Group sessions following the last day of the exhibition. Please also recognize that the Exhibition Committee may on occasion delay pick up because of a special Club event. If you cannot pick up or deliver your painting, please make arrangements with a fellow artist to do it for you. Storage space is LIMITED, any paintings left past two weeks after the close of show will become the property of the Cincinnati Art Club.


The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to exclude any artwork that does not meet the above guidelines. Our goal is to have the freshest, best examples of our member’s original work and to present to the viewing public the highest degree of professionalism in all of our exhibitions. Any questions regarding exhibitions should be directed to the Exhibition Chairperson.