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Board News To Members

Board Notes - March 2018


CAC continues to talk with the Carnegie about using their space. Our meeting in April will be at the Carnegie as well as one meeting of the Sketch Group. This will give the members the opportunity to experience the space and offer opinions and suggestions.

Dave Klocke will also present the option of renovations for the current building to members at a meeting yet to be scheduled.

The American Impressionist Society is meeting March 22 - 25 with our Club hosting.

ViewPoint will be larger this year with more sponsorship. The first prize will be $3000. There will also be more cash awards. Aline Ordman will be the judge of awards.

The DAWG program and the CAC Master copying brought a great deal of interest.

Member Gary Eith and his committee have the slate for our next election ready.

Five new members joined.

Board Notes - February 2018


Lynn Hemmer was appointed as Membership chairman. She will be on the Board as well.

Board discussed the possibility of seeking professional help to promote the Club.

Two new members joined this month.

The library in the Club needs organization. Two board members will check the condition and age of the books as they organize them.

Ways to use the Club property more was discussed. Could the Club add additional classes or encourage teachers to rent the space for workshops or mini workshops? A Club “Paint Out” was proposed for the property. An open studio day for members to socialize and work on their projects at the Club was also suggested.

Our art collection in the vault could be presented each month by displaying one painting on a special section of the wall. This way the members could see the collection that is now stored without giving up exhibit space used by the members.

There was a lot of interest in the DAWG show of members reproduced paintings. We agreed to do another Club challenge next year.

Viewpoint - this is our anniversary year, we plan raise additional money for awards.

A new floor will be put in the Cub gallery. It will be a composite type material which will cover the tile. The flooring company plans to use our Club as a demo so the floor is free.

Board Notes - January 2018


We were pleased to learn that the Edward Biedinger Family Trust has sent the club a generous donation.

Members enjoyed the Holiday Dinner in December.

John Michael Carter will host a workshop March 9-11, 2018. The weekend hours of the Associates Show will change to March 17 and 18, 2018.

Viewpoint will be special this year since the club is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Plans are being made to add more to the exhibit and encourage more members to enter.

Ray Hassard will speak at the March Dinner meeting and Tom Bluemlein will speak at the April meeting. He will also be doing a workshop at the Club.

Board Members discussed the possible use of the Carnegie Center for the Club. All agreed that we need much more information and many questions were brought up by the Board Members.

The computer problems associated with the Dragonfly have been resolved.

Board Notes - December 2017


The Board met at the Carnegie Tusculum Center on Eastern Avenue. Tim Boone and Members of the Relocation Committee conducted a tour. We then heard a presentation about the possibilities of using the building. Board Members were left with much to think about.

The December Christmas Party at Maketewah CC was very well attended. It seemed to be a big hit with Members.

Some fund raisers for the Club are in the planning stages.

February will be the DAWG exhibit.

Tom Bluemlein will present at the April meeting and do a workshop at the Club.

A 4-day workshop with John Porter Lassiter will be held June 7-10, 2018.

Board Notes - November 2017


Board Members were shown a possible renovation of the Club to consider. The results of the survey were shared with comments from Members. The question is what do you want the Cincinnati Art Club to do for you?

Three new Members joined the Club in November.

One Member was accepted to Signature Status.

The Dinner Meeting in October had a light attendance due to the opening of the ViewPoint Show.

The ViewPoint Show at the Greenwich House was well attended. Five sales were made from the show. The Greenwich House will host the event next year. There will be more prizes at next year’s ViewPoint Show. It will run from Sept 14 to Oct 13.

There will be a wine tasting/art showing with the Carnegie Tusculum Center in January. Signature members are invited to show work. They need their own easels for their paintings. Spots are limited.

New WIFI is installed but password needs updating.

We will receive a report from the Relocation Committee in December.

Board Notes - October 2017


Christmas Party
The Christmas party will be on December 2nd at Maketewah Country Club. The menu features a “grand buffet” including Beef Tenderloin, Sea Bass, Salad, Vegetables, Mini Dessert, Cash Bar and Wine selections. Cost is $50 per person. Members may bring a small painting for the exchange.

Zoo Paint Out
The Zoo Paint Out for high school students was an enormous success. Sally Mercurio and Jane Washburn were the organizers with the assistance of many Club Members as helpers and mentors. The students had a show of their work at a reception at the Club on Oct 7 th.

CAC Member Survey
A very important survey was sent out to Members to help decide the future of the Club. Please complete your survey which was emailed to you. If you did not receive an emailed survey, please contact the Treasurer to have the survey email link resent or to update your email.

The October dinner speaker will be from The Cincinnati Art Museum. They will be speaking about the upcoming flower exhibit and the role of flowers in the history of art.

ViewPoint 49
This exhibit was a tremendous success. Over 400 people came to the opening at The Greenwich House Gallery. The exhibit will be on view until November 4 th.

Faster WIFI
The club has a new faster WIFI.

Christmas Sale
If you are interested in the Christmas Sale at the Club, please contact the Club or a Board Member and leave a message. We need a person to run the sale this year.

Board Notes - September 2017


Members who have not paid their dues should do so promptly.

A survey will be taken to find out what the Members want from the Club. Surveys will be emailed to Members. The Board is studying whether to build on the existing building or to find a new location for the Club. Committees for both options have been formed. One presented ideas for adding on to the present building at our meeting. The issue of parking remains. Everyone’s input is important.

Dinner Meetings - Jello has been replaced with fresh fruit as a dessert option. Jane is working with the caterers for options to meet dietary needs of Members.

Speakers for Dinner Meetings
September - Margo Madison of Creative Juices presenting marketing using Facebook and Instagram
November - Jacqueline Sullivan

The club received a large cash donation from Stella Artois resulting from their event here this summer.

Volunteers and mentors are needed to help with the Zoo Paint Out which is September 30.

Aline Ordman will be presenting a workshop focusing on the figure in the landscape.

ViewPoint49 opens Oct 6 at the newly renovated Greenwich House Gallery in O’Bryonville. Valet parking will be available for the event. The show will be up until November 4.

Improvements to the website were discussed.

Board Notes - May 2017


Brunch meetings for the months of January and February will continue next year.

Oil Painters of America used the Art Club for their Paint Out in May.

This year’s ViewPoint Show will be held at the Greenwich House Gallery in O’Bryonville.

A portable handicap ramp has been purchased for the use of members and visitors. It is in the storage room at the Club. The city has also designated two spaces in front of the Club for handicap parking.

A new CAC Handbook has been printed. If you have not renewed your membership please send in your payment.

New board members are Ray Burt, Don Baumgarten, Jane Washburn, Christine Kuhr and Amy Ackley.

The Signature Member painting sale at Legacies in April was very successful. Many paintings were sold. There will be another sale in the Fall.

The Board needs to hear from members, what they want for the Club. The purchase of the property next to the Club could allow for additional use. Another idea is to seek a new location with more parking. Nothing can be decided without knowing the desires of most of the members. The Board discussed sending out surveys in the Fall. There are two committees involved in this project.

New LED flood lights are being purchased for Sketch Group.

Jerry Saylor will assist Paul Fisher with Sketch Group.

Submitted by Heidi Hanssen - Secretary